Cameron Mochrie

About Me

Hello! I am an aspiring software developer (as of 2015). I live in Toronto, ON.

In 2008 I graduated with a physics degree and entered the financial sector. Since then I've been an Investment Advisor, assistant institution trader, sell-side and buy-side analyst at several brokerages and hedge funds. A long time ago I ran a personal training business. And a very long time ago I was professional poker player. I'm not very good at sticking with the same thing for a long time. All the gory details are available at my LinkedIn Profile.

I currently review Full Stack Nanodegree projects for Udacity.

I created IBorrowDesk and @IBorrowDesk, web applications with literally dozens of users.

A long time ago I competed in Olympic Weightlifting. Now I play Ultimate Frisbee and go for walks.

I am not a good website designer, but I love Python and am learning to love Javascript.

I got really into Codewars for a stretch.

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